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Diabetic Complications

 Diabetes is a common, serious disease with multiple significant complications which can lead to blindness, stroke, heart and kidney disease with limb loss.

 Peripheral vascular disease or "poor circualtion" and Peripheral Neuropathy, a nerve disease are the leading causes of amputations.  Preventive foot care is the key, we can help.

Dr. Rassool has a special interest in treating the diabetic foot

If diabetes has caused you to suffer from foot problems, you need to seek professional care.

We specialize in Diabetic foot care and treatment of painful neuropathy.

Diabetes can cause poor circualtion and loss of protective sensation in the feet, leaving diabetics at a greater risk for serious foot infections.


Treating the Diabetic foot.


Stay a step in front of your diabetes, treatment is available.  

- Routine care

- Diabetic ulcers

- Diabetic infections

- Fungal nail/skin

- Diabetic nerve pain

- Diabetic shoes





Let us help you treat your neuropathy and prevent limb

loss or amputation as a direct result of diabetes -


foot care